Our Process

We want to know you. Like really know you. Because, we believe that’s the only way to produce what you want and need. So, that’s why we like to talk with you, learn your goals and dreams, likes and dislikes, before we start putting pen to paper.

Our process begins with a brief questionnaire that gives us a snapshot of who you are and what you may need. Then we set a meeting (in person or tele/videoconference) and talk through your goals and needs, hone in on messaging and target audiences, and discuss your market and potential competitors. Soon after, we send you a project proposal and estimate. If we hit the nail on the head, we send you a contract to sign—otherwise we will take your feedback and adjust the proposal to truly suit your unique needs.

And then we’re ready to get started.

For design-related projects, we will request to see logos, brands, merchandise and/or websites you like and don’t like. This helps us get a feeling for your preferences and aesthetic so we can be more efficient in achieving your goals.

For graphic design, you’ll have three rounds of review.

  • Round 1: You’ll be shown two different concepts where you’ll provide feedback on what needs to be tweaked to develop your desired image.
  • Round 2: We’ll make changes to any suggestions in the first round.
  • Round 3: We make very minor changes to the deliverable.

After this round, the final product will be delivered to you. If the final product needs to be printed, we’ll work directly with the printer to produce a beautiful piece.

For web projects, you’ll have two rounds of review for two phases—the design phase and the development phase.

  • Round 1 of Review 1: You’ll be shown images of what your website will look like and you’ll get to provide feedback on where we succeeded and areas that need to be tweaked.
  • Round 2 of Review 1: We’ll provide these designs a final time for you to offer any final feedback.
  • Round 1 of Review 2: In the development phase, you’ll be given a live URL to see your website, click through pages, and test functionality.
  • Round 2 of Review 2: You can provide feedback on success and areas that need work. We will address those points and provide a final opportunity to see the website before we schedule a launch date.

For writing and public relations, you will have two rounds of review.

  • Round 1: You review in a word document the text and discuss what you’d like to be tweaked.
  • Round 2: You’ll get to review the final copy and make any final changes.

Your uniqueness may also serve to inspire ideas for media opportunities and publicity. We will discuss with you story elements and develop a pitch of which you will also get to review. We can also provide media training for clients and interview coordination.

When our work is done, our partnership isn’t.

We want to know how you’re doing and also how we did in achieving your goals. We keep communication lines open to ensure everything is better than what you imagined before partnering with Elm Creative.