MTM Construction & Preservation

MTM Construction and Preservation specializes in custom remodels and distressed properties. Or, to put it a different way, making dreams a reality and rebuilding lives. One of the founder’s favorite projects rehabbed a home destroyed by fire and, in the process, helped the owners recover their memories and lives as they knew it. It was a pleasure working with a company that has the power to unleash so much goodness and enabling it to do more with the development of its brand and website.

To define MTM’s brand, we worked with the owner to develop a clean, contemporary visual identity that conveys MTM’s fresh approach to custom construction and expertise in distressed properties. The logo incorporates MTM’s name into the shape of a home—making it discernible with just a glance that building and rebuilding is what it is about.

This imagery along with color palette and typeface was parlayed into promotional materials including polo shirts, business cards, and a website that highlights MTM Construction and Preservation’s versatility. The owner wanted his site to be clean and simple so we incorporated two boxes that highlight MTM’s two areas of expertise—custom remodels and distressed property renovations—along with short blurbs accompanies by icons about its services. Photo galleries of projects for each service were also included so potential customers could see the quality of MTM’s work with a click of a button. MTM’s contact information and a project request form were incorporated at the top of the site so it is easy to reach the company. Elm Creative also featured a bio on the founder as well as an employee login at the bottom of the site.

The results have been what any business wants—a consistent stream of projects.

Services Utilized

  • Logo
  • Visual identity and branding development
  • Business cards
  • Responsive website design
  • Responsive website development
  • Miscellaneous collateral & merchandise