When the founder of FanciCube came to us to help her create the identity for her startup, we were excited. Just like the founder, we had all worked in office environments where it was hard to create a space (particularly one as small and barren as a cubicle) that felt like home and served as an inspiration.

Fast forward to FanciCube, a company that helps professional women style and inspire their cubicle life.

We partnered with FanciCube to create its logo and color palette. To ensure the visual aspects fit the brand, we stayed true to the founder’s wishes—wanting it to be feminine—without being “too girly”—and modern, yet classic. The founder also wanted the emphasis to be on “Fanci” and for “Cube” to be secondary. And, she liked the idea of including the imagery of a cube somehow in the design. With these wishes in mind, we carefully chose fonts, colors, and imagery to evoke the feminine, contemporary, and high-end feelings imagined by the founder.

The end result is a visual identity that not only accurately reflects the brand but will play well in a multitude of mediums, including web.

We also helped create FanciCube’s first product, a deskmat with a marble design. We are excited for what’s next for FanciCube!

Services Utilized

  • Logo
  • Visual identity and branding development