Early College of Arvada

Some don’t have homes while others are working with parents to plan which graduate schools they will apply. The students of the Early College of Arvada come from all types of backgrounds but they have at least one thing in common—their school is fully invested in getting them on a path to success.

EC Arvada surrounds its students with a nurturing faculty and rigorous academic experience. But its financial support is tied to many metrics forcing it to operate within razor thin budgetary margins. Thus, its ability to recruit and retain students and highlight its unique strengths such as its partnership with University of Colorado Denver, compassionate faculty, and familial environment is of the utmost importance.

EC Arvada partnered with Elm to communicate clearly and compellingly to a wide range of audiences its mission and distinct characteristics. A website seemed the fundamental place to begin sharing its successes, fund raise, and engage a larger community.

EC Arvada’s students embody the values of the charter school and their stories illustrate its mission and purpose while also making an emotion appeal to the user. Thus, we wove their testimonials about enrollment, leadership, mentorship, fundraising, and community across the site. To encourage fundraising, we integrated multiple mechanisms for online donations on every webpage.

Ease-of-use for current and prospective students, parents, and supporters was also a top priority. We incorporated simple navigation to important resources along with buttons directing those interested in enrolling, giving, and engaging. Because much of EC Arvada’s demographic is Spanish-speaking, we integrated the Google translate feature and selected fonts that are easy to read in multiple languages.

The end result transformed the school’s antiquated website into a dynamic interactive web presence. This has translated into record-setting student enrollment well ahead of projections, less headaches for current students and their families, and more dollars to help EC Arvada continue to educate the next generation of leaders.

Services Utilized

  • Logo design
  • Visual identity and branding development
  • Responsive website design
  • Responsive website development
  • Content management system
  • PayPal integration
  • Communications consulting

“Since the redesign, we have heard from individuals and groups within our community, state, and country requesting more information about our school and ways in which we transform the lives of young people. At the Early College of Arvada, we can not recommend Elm Creative more highly.”

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