Chattanooga Masonry Association

Chattanooga Masonry Association (CMA) has united members of the historic masonry trade for more than half a century. For years, the association offered local masons, architects, and contractors a free, printed design guide to help them select and price stone and brick products for their masonry projects and budgets. The association realized their guide needed a visual update but was concerned about printing costs and their traditional delivery method. They met with Elm Creative to discuss how best to address their needs.

After some discussion, CMA and Elm Creative came to the decision that bringing the guide into a digital interface would best serve the association and its members.

With this goal in mind, we went to work and produced a modern, easy-to-use and easy-to-update online design guide complete with product visuals and a simple, interactive calculation tool powered by the WooCommerce platform. No addition or multiplication tables needed.

We also worked to update the association’s online presence with a responsive website and eye-catching new color palette and revised logo. Elm Creative also serves CMA with website hosting and multiple domain management.

The dozens of members of CMA are excited about their new online presence and estimation tool.

Services Utilized

  • Logo & color palette update
  • Responsive website design & development
  • Interactive estimation tool